What is a Life Force Mentor?




"Mentoring is to support and encourage people to manage their knowledge in order to improve their potential, develop skills, mastering mindset, and emotional well being, to become the person they've always dreamed of becoming."  Meredith Cornett- Life Force Mentor

Life Force mentoring is personal development and empowerment tool. It is an effective way of helping people to progress in many aspects of their lives. It is a partnership between two people (mentor and mentee). It is a helpful relationship based upon mutual trust and respect.

A life force mentor is a guide who can help the mentee to find the right direction and help them to develop solutions to professional, relationship, and self developmental weaknesses.  Mentoring provides a safe and adequate place to talk about those weaknesses, and helping the mentee, to self realize where progress is needed. 


We often loose ourselves in everyday life pressures, careers, finances, to-do-lists, families, & relationships with others. We often carry around a lot of stressors, that burden us.  It helps to have someone qualified and to help map out how to destress those areas of our lives that create us conflict and or stress.


This form of mentorship and life coaching attunes you into your own spiritual or physical self realized journey. It also helps to create your life force, to work with all of your energies within your body to maintain & heighten; mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual wellnesses.

Meredith is a life force mentor. She uses her skill set to help reframe pasts, reform your now, to create a brighter future.  She also acknowledges one's self care routines that enhance your life purpose, goals, and overall well being.

Meredith will look to create a plan tailored to your specific goals and desires, supporting you as you put the steps into action. Any time you feel demotivated or unsure, she will be there to guide you, providing valuable accountability.

Meredith helps you to discover and embrace your true self, get past the hurts, emotions, and directs you into a master mindset to help  you to obtain a better mindset for the now and future.  


Applications for Life Force Mentoring:

Life Force mentoring can address any mentee's mentoring agenda, which commonly entails matters such as resolving key issues, developing effective strategies, and the achievement of personal and professional goals. However, this type of coaching goes deeper into the zone of fundamental change.  Life Force mentoring with Meredith often generates personal transformation, growth, and developments in any goal that you need accomplished or mastered. 

Life Force mentoring is particularly suited and equipped for the following:
Transforming blocks, (feelings of impossibilities), certain fears, concerns, and feelings of guilt, shame, or grief, transforming them into a more positive perspective.
Conflict resolution at a deep & sustainable level.
Navigation through major life transitions: such as separation, career, loss, transition, stage of life changes, geographical changes, relationship changes. Communicating with others your needs.
Basic strategies for spiritual, mindfulness, and physical self care.
Using emotions for internal navigating & intuitive states.
Embracing your shadow side and nurturing it to health
Enhancing your talents and creative gifts.
Stepping into authentic power and leadership.
Self-cultivation and further discovery of one’s true nature.
Self-mastery that entails shifting states of being, “showing up in the world differently” and mindfulness.
Personal development: Love, finances, health, relationships.



A self discovery life force mentoring session will be the start of Meredith's life mentoring with you.  This will be a free complimentary thirty minute session by phone, where goals will be defined on what you would like to work on with her.

She will get acquainted with you, and complete a plan for future solutions with you.  


Are you ready to get started with Meredith today!  Get your free consult today?! 







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