Academia Achievements

Bachelors in Psychology and Sociology, B. Sc. Bachelor's of Behavioral Science- Middle Tennessee State University in 2003
Masters Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, C.M.H.C,  with an accredited college Argosy University Sarasota in 2015
Holistic Life Coach Certification from Expert Rating -2016 
Other Certifications & Trainings
Group Work Facilitator - Emotional Intelligence, Anger Management 
Family dynamics- Intergenerational, Blended, and Immediate
ADHD management
Depression Management
How to work with difficult co-workers
Motivational Interviewing Certified
Mindfulness & Meditation Certified 
Grief, Loss, Trauma Certified



       Meredith's educational background & professional experience, and all knowledge acquired has provided her with skillful, creative ways in helping her clients.  Meredith is down to earth, grounded, an active listener, a confidant, and naturally capable of helping to solve or alleviate, most any problem or crises a client may be facing. Meredith is confident in her ability to help any person come to new self awarenesses, to apply self-arising discoveries with a new sense of taste and vision for a new way of life! 


     Meredith has worked with persons in the coaching framework since 2003, a little more than a decade of hands-on experience working within the many psycho-dynamic frameworks for the mind, spirit, and soul. Meredith usually works by via phone calls, and sometimes she will use webcam formats.  Webcam use is at the clients request.  

     Meredith is a master and an expert in helping you to find, nurture, and love, the  lost aspects of your divine being. She thrives on getting you back to your true confident &  creative self.  She is the compass to direct you back on your true path.  Meredith uses many old, new, and unique techniques with her clients, to help foster motivation, drive, and hope with her clients.  Meredith understands all sides or perspectives from all beings & is multicultural; religion, race, socio-economic backgrounds, chronic medical or mental illnesses, and ages.  

    Meredith's resume consists of over a decade of wellness coaching in person and by way of phone calls for crisis hotlines; which includes grief management coaching, highly sensitive counseling/coaching, empath coaching, job coaching for executive professionals, advocating for sensitive children, and giving the community education on mental illness with over 20 public motivational speaking events.  She understands the depths of hardships that a person can go through, and she thrives in being there for those persons in their disparities.  

     Meredith is a natural born listener and a healer of mind, body, and soul.  She has led meditational groups, for adults and children whom have has experience with abuse and trauma. Meredith believes that all souls have faced trauma, at varying degrees and stages in life.  It is important for one to discover this for themselves and to be able to nurture that aspect or time, in ones life and to heal it.  Meredith works with all populations, cultures, races, or beliefs in religion, or non belief.  She considers herself to be multicultural and empathetic, to where she will meet every client, to the level of their development, and will ultimately place her shoes in yours.  


Meredith is a calming force in any given circumstance of where you are at in your now, whether that be in crisis, conflict, feeling low all around, lost or stuck. She will help you embrace a new way of thinking, perceiving, understanding, and coping with your reality, to transform it into a positive one.  

  The next step is to let Meredith help you nurture you back to wholeness!
 Take charge of your life now!

Invest in yourself today! 


Meredith offers a 30 minute consultation free of no charge, to better understand your wants and needs.

Email your today Meredith, and get started!





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