Welcome to Life Force Mentoring ™

 Life Force Mentoring ™ is a blend of energetic coaching & mentorship, for aiding in one's spiritual, mental, physical, emotional, and personal developments.  Meredith will help you to discover & achieve your purposeful, truest/ highest self realizations and authority by:
 Implementation of daily techniques, for self improvement in client's personal development and empowerments. 
   Discovery of your current mindset and understanding repetitive patterns you are or have experienced.
√  Identify and build your strengths, resiliency, positive natural abilities, & coping skills.
 Awakening you to a deeply embodied experience of wholeness, interconnectedness, and engagements while focusing on your strength. 
  Educate and identify negative psychological, sociological, mental, emotional impacts brought on by various conditioned states from societal/familial mindsets.
  Control emotions and empowerment to live your full life without fear, anxieties, depression, sadness.
 Attract and manifest positive situations, people, and circumstances into your outer world.
√  Relationship revival, and reconnecting to others in a healthier, and understanding communicative level.
 Mindfulness and awareness of intention, reaction, and behavior.
 I will provide a gentle, safe, nurturing, and empathetic healing space to provide you a transformational awareness/interconnectedness to your Whole Being.



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